Do you provide meals for the children?

No, we expect parents/guardians to send all food and drink, as children have different dietary needs. Bottled mineral water is provided.

Can I enroll any child from my family, for example a niece or a nephew?

Yes, you can enroll any child relative you wish to, but there are limited seats, with the first priority given to those who are the children of faculty, staff and students – in this order. This includes those who are under legal guardianship as well. However, non-employees and non-students, their vehicles and staff, are not allowed inside LUMS on a regular basis – so pick and drop must be the responsibility of the LUMS community member.

What do I need to send with my child?

Food and drink, diapers (if applicable), an extra pair of clothes, a pillow, blanket, bedsheet and prescription medicine. 

Can my child opt out of the activities?

Only if it is due to health issues and a medical certificate is provided.

Do you cater for children with special needs?

We welcome children with special needs. However, children with special needs must be accompanied by a trained companion / attendant provided by the parents.