Covid SOPs

LUMS and its community take COVID prevention and SOPs very seriously. A number of measures are in place to effectively prevent and deal with COVID, including but not limited to the following:

  • All children and staff have their temperature checked every day upon arriving at Daycare;
  • All staff and school-going children must wear masks at all times;
  • No one except children and Daycare staff are allowed to enter the premises;
  • Parents who wish to visit may come to the Daycare after 5:30pm through a pre-arranged appointment;
  • In normal circumstances, one nanny supervises up to ten children; during COVID this has been reduced to eight children;
  • All bedding is changed when a child uses a mattress or cot that another child has used;
  • If a child or staff member develops symptoms, the resident Daycare Nurse first checks them, then follows the standard LUMS SOPs if there is suspicion of COVID infection;
  • The standard LUMS SOPs require informing the families, peers and people in close contact with the affected person, and quarantining them for five days (in the case of campus residents) before being PCR tested for infection;
  • In cases of emergency, the LUMS Medical Center, which is run by National Hospital Lahore, handles the patient and transports them to the hospital if needed.
  • All staff (both teaching and administrative) are tested for COVID quarterly and are trained by our Health personnel in complying with the LUMS COVID SOPs.
  • LUMS Health Department personnel inspect the premises weekly for compliance.